Public Input Welcomed at Downtown Revitalization Meeting

Hudson-Creative is seeking funding from Hudson Bridge District‘s DRI.

“Project proposals, or intake forms, are being sent directly to Stantec — the planning consultant for the local initiative. One seven-page proposal comes from Hudson-Creative proposing a makerspace, or a hub for workforce training in the arts and technology, and a commercial kitchen. The location for the space has not been determined.

In its proposal, Hudson-Creative is seeking support from the Local Planning Committee and Hudson and DRI funding to create the makerspace.

A facility would be transformed into “workspaces, equipment and collaborative educational atmosphere for the design, engineering and fabrication of fine art, functional art, crafts and ‘the useful arts’ for prototyping single-custom items and pre-production processes for small-series manufacturing and local, new business development,” according to the proposal.

The project would support job creation, trade and apprenticeship programs and support development of small businesses and entrepreneurism.

The open, affordable workspaces will allow for individuals and entrepreneurs to create almost anything, according to the proposal.”

Published on December 5, 2017 by Amanda Purcell Columbia-Greene Media

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